About the APRI


The Institution of the Rubber Industry (IRI) was founded in England in 1921, and the Australasian Section of the IRI was set up by a group of notable Australian rubber industry personnel, including G.N. Milne and J.A. Smithson, in 1945.

The Plastics and Rubber Institute (PRI) was formed in 1975 by an amalgamation of the IRI and the Plastics Institute (also, like the IRI, founded in England, but in 1931). The PRI thus became the largest international professional society in the world devoted to providing a service for personnel employed in the plastics, rubber and allied industries.

Following the amalgamation of the PRI (UK), the Institute of Metals, and the Institute of Ceramics, to form the Institute of Materials (IoMat), the Australasian section of the PRI voted in December 1992 to disassociate from the IoMat to become the Australasian Plastics and Rubber Institute Incorporated (APRI Inc.). The formation of an independent Institute was felt necessary to maintain and improve the services offered to members in Australasia.

The APRI Inc. comprises members who are represented by State based co-ordinators and an Australasian Council. The Council acts as a national governing body and is made up of representatives from the States.

The Australasian Council and state co-ordinators principally devote their time to organising lectures, meetings, and technology conventions; to recruiting and improving technical education; and especially to keeping in touch with members and dealing with the multitude of tasks involved in the management and operation of an eminent professional Institute.

Mission Statement

The principal aims of the Australasian Plastics and Rubber Institute Incorporated (APRI Inc.) are to promote the development, for the public benefit, of the Institute as a professional body comprising members concerned with the science and technology of polymers in academic, research, commercial and administrative capacities, and to enhance polymer education and training.


The main objectives of the APRI Inc. are to promote the development of polymer science and technology; to encourage the development of education and training of managers, chemists, scientists, physicists, engineers, technologists and others employed in the polymer industries; to confer qualifications and awards as a means of recognising and raising the status of suitably qualified persons; to promote the dissemination of polymer science and technology knowledge through meetings, seminars and publications; and to carry out activities for voluntary and charitable purposes.