George Milne Memorial Medalists

George Milne was born in Scotland in 1893 and worked as an engineer on submarines in England during World War 1. In 1926 he moved to Australia where he was well respected for his work in Tyre Design and as a training officer for the Dunlop Cadet Training Scheme. George was instrumental in the formation of the Australasian Section of the IRI and for the active recruitment of new members. He served on the state and national councils in a number of roles including as Australasian Chairman. Following his death in 1962 the Institute founded a memorial medal, named after George Milne, to commemorate George and other pioneers of the Australasian Institution of the Rubber Industry and its successors the PRI & APRI.

The medal recognises a Member’s contributions to the Industry and to the Institute.


Past Recipients

1964 Prof. F W Ayscough
1965 F B Menahue
1966 ARE Challinor
1967 J A Smithson
1968 J M Wright
1969 J G Fenton
1970 No AWARD
1971 L C Knight
1972 L G Harrison
1973 A E Kortschak
1974 Council of the Institution of the Rubber Institute
1974 J W Inkpen
1975 L R Smith
1976 V S Barber
1977 E J Addison
1978 E H Lenton
1979 Z T Nowak
1980 B M Cavanagh
1981 J N Carless
1982 K B Caldecott
1983 R T Sloggett
1984 No award
1985 R L Jex
1986 No award
1987 I Le Page
1988 No award
1989 M J Jordan
1990 J P Moulding
1991 R A Miller
1992 W J Oates
1993 No award
1994 No award
1995 No award
1996 John Fulloon
1997 John McClintock
1998 Keith Woodcock
1999 No award
2000 Geoff Hazell
2001 Ted Symes
2002 No award
2003 No award
2004 Ross Paton
2005 No award
2006 Dennis Hills
2007 No award
2008 Mike Falconer-Flint CBE
2009 Robert Milne & Jennifer Cole (Son and Daughter of George Milne)
2010 Peter Allen
2011 Dr Graeme Russell
2012 Bob Anderson
2013 Clinton Miller
2014 John Van Dongen
2015 Barry Newell
2016 Andor Vinyei
2017 Tony Hammond
2019 Professor Robert Burford