The International Rubber Conference together with RubberCon are global conferences organised every year by The International Rubber Conference Organisation (IRCO), which is an association of rubber societies from all around the world which plan the calendar for the main international rubber conferences.

RubberCon 2020 (France)

11-12 February 2021. This event will now be held online.

This year’s conference theme will be ‘Environment and Recycling: A Strategic Challenge for Rubber Materials’.

Key topics include sustainable materials, properties and environmental impact performances, processing and end of life rubbers.

More information about RubberCon 2020 here.

IRC 2021 (Germany)

28 June – 1 July 2021. This years’ IRC event is being held in Nuremburg, Germany and will be covering all subjects of rubber technology, from raw materials through processing and testing to future applications.

The days are split into three topics: tyre, sustainability, and future mobility. Thermoplastic elastomers are also the focus of the two-day TPE forum, which is part of the conference programme.

Experts will also be teaching the basics of rubber technology in the Educational Symposium.

More information about IRC2021 here.

RubberCon 2021 (Korea)

17-18 November 2021.

More information about RubberCon 2021 here.

IRC 2022 (India)

24-26 November 2022. Bangalore, India. Details to be announced soon.

More information about IRC2022 here.

RubberCon 2022 (Malaysia)

6-8 September 2022. More details coming soon.

More information about RubberCon2022 here.